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Educational Grants (EG)

EG are dedicated to support HCP educational initiatives or Patient advocacy and consumer education programs (e.g., disease-state education and awareness, screenings...)

Type of support provided for EG

Guerbet may support EG with, funding, material and/or information, as allowed under applicable laws and regulations, if they align with the company defined areas of strategic interest. Link to priority topics on Guerbet corporate website

Eligibility for EG

Eligibility for educational grants will be evaluated on the following criteria: Genuine scientific educational needs, agenda in line the program title, educational objectives and expected audience’s profile; speakers competences aligned to educational objectives of the program, appropriate target audience and its educational need.

Who can apply?

  • Teaching hospitals
  • Academia
  • Medical society
  • Etc.

Appropriate uses of EG funding

At the end of the event, Guerbet will require a post event reporting/monitoring, including how the funds were used.

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